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.223 Pistol BBLS
223 Chrome Molly Barrel - SPECIAL PRICING: (call for details)
Barrel Blanks in ALL popular calibers, with or without contour
Law Enforcement
14.5” .223 Chrome Molly Barrel - SPECIAL PRICING: (call for details)



3-SHOTS, 1/2", 100 YARDS

Whether your interest lies in military, law enforcement, competitive, or sport shooting, Harris Gunworks provides complete rifle barrels, barrel blanks, and firearm accessories with you in mind! Our heritage of Guaranteed 1/2 MOA Accuracy, sophisticated signature quality and custom accurizing services assures you the right fit for your needs. Enjoy the ultimate in performance with increased accuracy and tighter groups.


Our barrels are crafted using the art of button rifling and are optionally hand-lapped. Our custom match quality barrels are individually fitted to each action. All equipment is custom built for perfect performance even under the most adverse weather conditions!